Unsavory Business Practices by CareCredit

I specifically calculated payments to prevent having to pay a finance charge, and the way my payments were distributed the finance charge was assessed anyway at a very high interest rate. I was also led to believe when I first applied for this account that any purchase at a dentist or veterinarian over $300 would be 6-months no interest, but then found out after I used the card that that was not the case, that the provider had to request (and pay a fee) to have the 6-months no interest applied to the charge. A fee that the provider told me was close to 10% of the charge amount. This is absolutely ludicrous and I intend to file a complaint with the proper agency. This was nothing more than a bait and switch operation.
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"Several" cards, happy tom. Do you get an employee discount? Seeing the sheer number of complaints makes me think "where there's smoke, there's fire".


I have several of their cards and have never had any problems with them if you pay your bill on time as for the charge they were charging your doctor all credit cards charge the retailer a fee normaly from 3 % to 9 %depending on the card provider thats how they make money on people like me who pay their balance in full every month

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Orlando, Florida

Cyndi gaved is meanspirited & vindictive

cyndi gaved is meanspirited & vindictive .. nothing much more to say.. she is not a nice lady .... she has screwed over the wrong person . thats all i have to say.. except they wnt 100 words so here is the repeat to meet the requirement... cyndi gaved is meanspirited & vindictive .. nothing much more to say.. she is not a nice lady .... she has screwed over the wrong person . thats all i have to say.. except they wnt 100 words so here is the repeat to meet the requirement... cyndi gaved is meanspirited & vindictive .. nothing much more to say.. she is not a nice lady .... she has screwed over the wrong person . thats all i have to say.. except they wnt 100 words so here is the repeat to meet the requirement...
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By the way, this comment was written by the person that Ms. Gaved originally complained about.

Isn't it interesting that GE Money Bank has so many complaints and this person feels the need to defend themselves against a legitimate complaint. This reaction is really over the top.


I just read the comment about somebody being mean spirited and vindictive. Why did this person keep repeating the same words over and over?

Does that show the person's character? Does this person know the Gaved person personally?

What brought about Gaved being upset in the first place? Has anybody else that has commented on this whole mess repeated the same mantra four or five times?


I know Cyndi Gaved personally and she is neither mean or vindictive. She was afraid her credit report was going to be impacted.

To her great relief it wasn't. For anybody that doesn't realize it, Ms. Gaved had a serious accident three years ago and almost died. She lost her job because of that injury two years ago.

She pretty much was told she couldn't do the job anymore. Fortunately she got a disability. This woman has been through *** and back.

Maybe her emotional reaction was over the top and could have been racheted down a little, but try having a concussion, black out and memory loss, and all the other things that happen when a person almost dies. A person like this is not vindictive and mean, they are trying to figure things out and put their shattered life back together.


I am not meanspirited and vindictive. I am not screwing over anybody.

My only comment is that I was shocked and distraught by the tone of the letter. Doing customer service myself, I know how to treat people. There are many people out there that are in real trouble and are very upset that have lost everything. I lost a lot and had an accident besides.

I have tried to work with everybody and all these people had to do was call me and ask me what the problem was. People are under stress. I understand this is a company and they want their bills paid. So, anybody or anything that says I am meanspirited is fall and not written by me.

My object was to try and let other people know what kind of treatment I got. Check out the comment written by Travis and check out the other complaints against them. Even an employee that works in my own financial institute was ill treated and knew about the reputation of this bank.

I don't plan to make any more comments. It is done and over with.

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Rapid City, South Dakota

Ge has my check for 3 months and I can't speak with a Supervisor

I have been trying since January of 2010 to resolve an issue of a check in the amount of $305.00 that I sent to Ge in December of 2009. It is unbelievable that a multi-million dollar company does not have any contact numbers other than their customer service call center to address serious customer complaints. The impression the Customer Service Reps give is that they are working out of their homes with slippers and curlers in their hair. I don't have a problem with this other than they are instructed not to let you speak with anyone else or in my case their supposedly "Research Department." It has been over 4 weeks that I faxed copies of front and back of the check that was cashed by them and to this date 3/15/10 have not had a call back from their supposedly Research Dept. I find this a total disrespect to their customers to let an issue slide for so long especially when they are sitting on my money. Customer Service told me that they do not have Corporate phone numbers and that I will have to wait until the Research Department contacts me which could take 2-3 weeks. Well we're on the 4th week guys! I am seriously considering contacting the Credit Bureau and explaining that I will no longer be making payments until this issue is resolved and if that doesn't work contacting Legal assistance to help me recover my money. In the interim I want everyone out there to know how unprofessional and disrespectful Ge Money Bank is to their customers!!!!!! I will surely be closing all my accounts with them and plan to put this all over the web.
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Don't wait any longer: GE Money Bank will do nothing to assist nor are they customer service savvy. Contact the BBB in Ohio, Office of Thrift Supervision and the Federal Trade Commission. Once the agency sends them inquiry letter, GE finally will talk to the customer.

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Miami, Florida

GEMB closed account just as balance almost paid off.

I have had a sizable credit line with GE Money Bank for some time. I've not only made regular payments but also paid off additional chunks of my balance. My balance now is only 3 payments from being paid off, and I received a letter from GEMB informing me that they are closing my account because of purchases on another credit card that is also financed by GEMB. However, the purchases on the other card are for my BUSINESS and I pay off the balance every week. I only use the card because of a program in which I get 2% back on all purchases made on the card. So it seems that GEMB will punish you for paying off your debt and for taking advantage of their 2% back promotion. As a small business owner, I am disgusted with their business practices. From what I've read on this website, I am not alone in this assessment of the company. Don't do business with GE Money Bank!
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I did contact The OTS (Office of Thrift Supervision) and there is nothing ther can do bout GEMB. I will try the FTC.

I paid off me credit card with GEMB (Lowes Cedit Card) and three weeks later they closed it and cut the credit limit on another consumer card I had that they hold (QVC) My Lowes card had a 4400.00 credit line which I paid off on April 30th and on May 6th they closed it stating I was not creidt worthy because I was having a dispute with another credit card compnay - Nothing to do with GEMB.

This is unfair and poor customer relations to say the least, especially these days when people are dumping thier credit cards and walking away from thier mortgages. We need to bring a Class Action Suit against them There is enough "pissed off consumers" to do this.


Had the same thing happen to me. They are after the money thats all it is.

I sometimes wonder if the credit card companies want people who barely pay and eek by.

To heck with the good consumer. Very frustrating!!


Send a complaint letter to the BBB of Ohio, the Office of Thrift Supervision and the Federal Trade Commission. These agencies do respond and GE's nefarious business practices need to be identified officially.

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
New Reviewer

GE Money Bank

GE Money bank called me multiple time at my office no less and then either hung up or put me on hold forever. I finally called them, to find out they hadn't received my check for $51.38 and was trying to collect on it. I have never ever been late and always pay my account balance in full. So I immediatlely sent out a new check including late fees and interest, cancelled my other check and ended up paying over $100 and they still kept calling me, even after I cancelled my card and sent it back to them cut up.
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Des Moines, Iowa
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Late fee's wont settle charging 30%

Shortly before my husband and I got married, my mouth was bothering me we don't have dental insurance at work. We decided to go with Care Credit he cosigned for me. We then had to have my 12 year molar's cut out they wouldn't pull them. Had that done and wasn't brought a paper to sign until I was being giving the gas and IV to be put to sleep. Made our payment's on time be it sending check, internet, or calling. Had a major knee surgery and wound up filling bankruptcy prior to my husband and my wedding so it wouldn't hurt him in anyway. Did NOT include Care Credit being as it was in both our names. Literally, a day after I talked to my lawyer and gave him papers with out anything to do with GE Money bank they cancelled the card and took my name off. Never called us NOTHING. We didn't find out till the bill came and the intrest rate had soured to 30%. I have sent payment's 3 weeks ahead of time and they are always 3 weeks late it doesn't matter when I send it or method it's always late. Even though I'm the one that took the card out they wont talk to me. My husband just called to try and settle for the balance that was actually charged being as we just got our tax's. Every payment we've made isn't even taking a dollar off our balance due to the fact the intrest alone a month is more than the payment. They wont settle for less than $2,200. Which is well over what was charged $1,500. They are complete fraud's and scam artist's. They are gouging people for more money than what was ever even charged and if you dispute it they won't talk to you or hang up. They need to be stopped this amount is more and my husband make's a month and me with working two jobs. We don't even see that in 2 months how is that fair and how are we even supposed to eat.
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Wake Forest, North Carolina
New Reviewer

Warning!!!CareCredit is a rip off!!!

I do not recommend using care credit card! They are a rip off and the customer services are rude and inconsiderate! They stated no interest rate and no fee. they lie! my payment is due on the 20th of very month. On the month of Oct. i made my payment on the 20th and was still charge a fee. I called them and was left on hold for 30 minutes. They rep who i spoke to was very rude and didnt listen to what i had to say. the rep said the reason why i got charge for a late fee is become i paid in after 5 clock eastern time. Nobody told me about any time frame. the statement said the 20th..it should be the 20th until 11:59pm and then then they added a finance charge of 116.00 for me being late. SUCH A RIP OFF! I will NEVER use them again!!!!
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Timely analysis ! I was enlightened by the points - Does anyone know where I could get ahold of a fillable a form copy to use ?


CareCredit is rip-off: they sell the product telling at beginning in the brochure of that is 0% interest, but at the end of the brochure say that "for new accounts: purchase APR is 26.99% and minimum interest charged is $2.


I got a letter from them that I was late / I never was I paid it off 3 month earlier/ so they reduce my credit to less then half. What a b..... company.


Care Credit does something sneaky. They bill you an average daily balance AND the APR.

You end up paying half your monthly pymt in interest. If you owe 5 grand, by the time you are done, you have paid 10 grand. Switch to Compass Bank and do a balance transfer. I just saved myself thousands of dollars by dumping Care Credit.

People with no other credit are getting SCREWED.


A TOTAL RIPOFF!!!!!!!!! all the complaints are accurate and I also got charged late fees for paying after 5pm est- how can they sleep at night! crockery at their best


I agree also - Care Credit GE Money Bank changed my monthly due amount several times and never notified me. I had previously set up what they said was a minimum payment and so they started racking up penalties, interest and then they changed the due date and didn't tell me - so I got late charges for a year and was never notified.

I forgot about the 12 month no interest deal and was a few wks late so I got charged the entire interest for the previous year. I recommend NO ONE use them ever at all!


GE Money Bank is a HUGE ripoff!! We bought tires 6 mos same as cash and I set the payments up automatically.

Two months after it was PAID OFF I get calls re the balance due. Not only do they say we owe a $30 late fee, they say we owe $139!! Not possible. I cannot access my online statements, only can select various payment options.

Call customer service and i'm transferred 3 times, finally told the statements will be MAILED to me.

No english and very rude people too. SEriously, don't use this card!!!


Oh My God. I could not belive they charge me an late fee for not paying it off 1000.

what in the world?? There has got to be something we all can do. They are worse then a loan shark!!!

This can"t be right what they are doing. :(


I agree. I hadn't recieved a bill for 2 months.

All of a sudden I received one in the mail that states that I owed two late charges. I called up customer service which took 20 min. and of course the person couldn't speak a lick of English. they told me that I signed up for electronic payment...which I never do.

The best that they could do was *** one months late fee, not two because of "Company policy" I told them that their company sucked and so did their policy.

Agruing the point that I didn't sign up for anything got me nowhere, so I told the person that I hoped that she would get syphilis and hung up the phone. That was the most satisfing part of the call.


i have ge money care credit account it is set up to my bank account to do payments well i checked my credit report and it states my account is closed so i call ge money and they tell me my account has been closed but they cant give me a reason ....now when i go to my account online it states i still have a credit limit with available credit its a rip off they ruin your credit and they change there story everytime you talk to someone i had a baby and had to quit my job so they had put me on this plan to help i have 9% intrest rate and payments took from my bank account every month i have copies of all the agreements but they told me completely different story now even when i have papers to prove everything they told me when i went into the hardship program it automatically closes your account now remember i have the paper that states while in the program you cant charge anything after six months of being in the program your interest rates return to normal and all privlages are restored but they tell me thats not how it works now THEY LIE :(

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Murfreesboro, Tennessee
New Reviewer

Walmart Money Card Lost My Direct Deposit

I decided to try depositing a monthly retirement check onto my Walmart Money Card. The money card promised no hassles no waiting. Liars! They've lost my deposit and now I have to do all the leg work to find it! I have to find the transaction number so they can track the deposit! Which means I've been on the phone for the last hour talking to people who don't have one clue what what the transit number is, so they can track the account. Which means that I am stuck with no money, until the retirement account can re-issue my funds. I'm stuck for at least ten days to two weeks and I'm mad as heck about it!
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Could u please get ahold of me asap so i can change infomation on my card i do not want anyone else to use it plz address this asap


Leann Justce


whatever happened?

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Baltimore, Maryland
New Reviewer

GE Money Bank

The Bank is nothing but a rip off. Paid the full balance on friday and here sunday now, ge calls me and tells i am late on a payment and they have add more chanrges to my account. what do i do. they make me want to open a can of whip ***. GE MONEY BANK SUCKS more than any. Warning to all never us them. The Patel from overseas call over and over, cant understand the ***. They see that the payment was made of friday but still want to rip the consumers off. I will be contacting my local representative on monday. GE MONEY YOU SUCK
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I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your GE Money account. We'd like to help. Please email me at gemoneycares@***.com with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account

- Mailing address associated with the account

- Your contact phone number

- Reference code DM

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



GE Money


I confirm what Sparky 70 experienced.

"Deferred Interest Charge" means that they will charge you as they want, and you will not realize it. Charge was 313, they offered me Interest free for a year, with "deferred interest charge", same thing, right! When the bill arrived, it showed 343 instead of 313, for a year. This means 9% APR!

I made first payment online and established connection. They attached some bogus services and bogus charges to the second payment. I called them and asked to drop these fees and charges. They did, but when I made the second payment, they took the money, returned them back and charged me late fee. On top of everything, they are very difficult to contact.

They are just a bunch of criminal crooks.

Stay away from anything GE!



Crash your plane into their building that should make you feel better!!!

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Acworth, Georgia
New Reviewer

$200.00 penalty

The first time i used GE was to buy a dirt bike. The service *** pissed me off so i Paid in full and canceled. The next time was at my dentist office and had work done and didn't notice that GE MONEY BANK was the credit agency. OH What a suprise. Ok, been paying bill, missed 2 of payments by 2 weeks the most. But been paying over the amout double each time since, trying to buy a house and got to shave down the credit. Then go to pay again today, can you believe they hit me with another $200 back on my account.Because I missed the two payments last Oct. Never again
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Orlando, Florida
New Reviewer

Care Credit is ***

Do not ever use Care Credit, they will suck you dry with their finance charges, $39.99 late fees, changing your due dates on the sly, closing your account for no apparent reason and no "customer service" in the sense of the word. I was never late for 3 years, NEVER, except for one month and I mean one month only and they did all this which dropped my credit score by 59 pts. I paid them off with part of my borrowed life insurance. Under no cicumstance will I ever use crooks like this again. They should be shut down!
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I have had an outstanding balance with these people for almost forever! Why?

Their fees and rates are terrible. The longer you have an outstanding balance the less you get anywhere. No matter what you pay you get raped. And when you miss a payment you get slammed, big time.

No working things out, no we under stand customer service.

Just pay or you are screwed! What is the point of having a credit card to help in emergencies if you can't keep up with outlandish interests rates and fees!


They say no interest for one year. If you are late you will have to pay, maybe 11 to 19 percent.

As soon as I got the card I used it and my first bill has it raised already to twenty something percent interest if I don't pay. I pay more than double my minimum, clearly I'm not high risk, but by the third bill they;ve got me at 29 percent if I don't pay before the year is up.

This is fraudulant. They tell you A RELATIVELY normal interest to suck you in and arbitrarily raise it every month. They say you can cut up the card if you don't agree to the change, but then everything is due right then. If you had the money, you wouldn't have borrowed, so they have you. It's called usury, I think.

They do whatever they can to mess you up. they change their bill every month, send you letters to make you panic and refuse to explain (WHAT has happened with my credit? I wrote them five letters asking them to clarify and got the same form letter back, though on the phone a woman did accidentally admit they send that "something's up with your credit" letter to everybody.)

I just sent in my last payment and I sent it certified so I can prove it wasn't lost or late because I would not put it past them. They S#ck. I won't recommend them or use them ever again, never, ever. Swindlers and tricksters. Read all your bills carefully. Pay them, and cancel that *** at YOUR request, send a copy to the credit bureau and keep your own and good riddence.

Anyone they already got paying twenty times over what you owe just declare bankruptcy now, you'll never get out. BOYCOTT Care Credit and ALL GE Money products.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma
New Reviewer

CareCredit fraudulent practices

It is very sad that such bank is still allowed to do business in this country. I have read most of the complaints and more I read into more sick to my stomach I feel. I will start with the dentist, which seems to be associated with this Bank. On 2006 and January of 2007 I had dental treatment performed, part of which has been covered by my two dental policies and part as out of pocket expenses upon an agreement with the dentist. I have paid as agreed up to the last penny. I have records that I have issued payments in the amount of $ 4,500 and the insurance issued funds to this doctor in the amount of $ 7400. Having this said, on January of 2010 this doctor sends me a bill for $5000 as a balance for treatment provided in 2006 and January of 2007 which on a first look, seemed to be just a erroneous statement on their end, and to which I had responded, stating clearly that I do not have anything outstanding and politely requested them to clear this amount from their system. Upon the receipt of my letter, they even had the nerve to call me and request this non-existing overdue balance according to their calculations at which I hung up on them not being interested to listen after three years of the date of treatment to anything they had to say. Just to clarify here, upon the last visit in January of 2007 I had everything settled with this doctor, and there were neither any phone calls nor bills sent to me within this past 3 years (not that I had expected any ... but I'm stating this just as a fact). At this point, GE Money Bank, through their CareCredit business becomes a factor. Out of $ 4400 which were my out of pocket expenses, I had paid $ 2260 via this credit card, which I was lured to apply for by this dentist while going for treatment. There was a 12 months interest free promotion on this card, so that's why I had accepted their business. I had paid the full amount within 8 months, so there was no way they would get me down for any interest or any finance charges. After reading all the statements on this forum I do consider myself very lucky here. However, it never crossed my mind to cancel this card, and I had never used since ... and that was a big mistake, because, upon my letter to the dentist office from January of 2010 responding to their inaccurate billing, this office had contacted customer support at CareCredit, which .... and this is mind bugling to me, gave them the green light to charge my credit card in their file for treatment provided even prior to the date when this credit card account has been opened (not that I own anybody anything, but hypothetically speaking, even if I would, that doesn't give them the right to fraudulently charge my credit card with no consent). I have called their customer reps numerous times, stating that this is a fraudulent charge, and there was never a consent/authorization on my end, therefore they should cancel this transaction immediately. They were very rude, and had told me to go to the police and wait 8 to 10 business days for the "dispute form" to arrive by mail, after which I could follow up into this matter. I was even told to make sure that they will get this dispute, which I found it nerve wracking. I have sent all my correspondence with certified mail, so they had no choice and acknowledge my dispute with a letter on their own, where instead of a re-assurance that they will investigate in their customer's best interest, they warn me of "delinquency" and "action to collect" unpaid funds. They have even sent me the very first statement, which has a balance due on it! It is so frustrating and I'm filling complaints everywhere from the "Office of Thrift Supervision" at Washington, to the "Office of Atty General of NY" to their CEO Mark Begor, to their main offices ... and this is just the beginning.
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I am on the same boat. Any updates please let me know. thanks


Care Credit is the biggest rip off in the industry. Our dentist uses this garbage.

I think that the GE Money Bank must be giving kickbacks to Dentists that refer them. I quit using this Dentist, but my wife still insists on going to him. In Dec 09 he told her that she needed 2 new crowns. We have dental Ins,but because this guy is not in our "network" and crowns are considered cosmetic and therefore not covered.

He then dropped the 2000 dollar bomb on us to which I told my wife that we could not afford $2000 at 28% interest and she could get the tooth that was bothering her pulled. When she told the Dentist this he must have felt guilty because he replaced the crowns free. I almost fell over dead. Last week I received a notice from Care Credit that our interest rate was going up to 29% and that if we did not start using the card we would be dropped.

Does that make sence?

It took us almost 2 years to pay off the work that was done when my wife got talked into this BS in the first place. Stay far far away from this bunch of thieves.

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New York, New York
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They took money from me and didn't add it to my card

The help sucks...I have called three different numbers and got no assistance. I had my bank transfer money to my Walmart money card, a substantial amount, and it didn't go to my card, but the bank has it and playing with it somewhere. This department sucks big time and the people don't speak english enough to speak with an American person, this is bogus bank when they keep your money from you. $1000.00 USD gone down the drain for ge bank to keep and gain interest with ! As I said before this place sucks...Walmart better get their *** together also...
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They call on Sundays. Not good.

They have$ 575.00 of out money and have not credited to the account. Now going on a year. They do not listen.

Our interest rate went from 9% to 21 % and are demanding the 'back interest'. They can go to ***.

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Chicago, Illinois

Gemoney opened account; sent card; not mine

got a letter from GE Money Bank the same day I got a statement from Paypal Plus for almost $800; not my account. did not open an account, nor ask for a mastercard. GE Fraud is saying it will take 3 weeks to get Fraud forms to me (bull). Expect card to be canceled, account closed, and GE to be responsible for all charges and credit rating issues. have contacted lawyer and parties concerned and am awaiting any explanation they have. also, it should be easy to track anything bought to where it delivered to recover and arrest someone. stared on 1/22/10
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Just starting reading these comments and I sure don't have a good feeling about any of this. I just got a bill for over $1400 and never have had or ever opened a Mastercard.

Now I'm reallly scared what is going to happen.

I sent GEMB a registered letter stating all the info they wanted and called them. Want card cancelled. Now don't know what steps to go through.

This is awful. Any help would be go grateful!


HOLY BEJESUS I never thought I would see the day! After contacts via emails/phones/faxes/snail mails/all evidence they requested again and again/ and TWO police reports -- TO NO AVAIL!!!


I have a report with the FTC and the BBB on them. LETS DO IT!!!!

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Birmingham, Alabama

GE Money Bank - Customer Service - General Inquiries

I have multiple GE Money Bank credit card accounts. Wish they would consolidate info. I want to stop all collection phone calls, but remain in any special payment programs. Dealing with this company is frustrating, annoying, and does not provide exempelary service. I have complained multiple times via FTC.gov. It is time to get this company in line and in compliance with all the other US companies. Also they "outsource" and I get people in India and Bangalore who do not understand US customs or understand US citizens. DISGUSTING! GET YOUR ACT IN GEAR - GEMB - before you lose more customers.
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This company has the worse customer service I have ever experenced. They lie about everything.

We pay any bills off as soon as we get them if we buy from retailers that uses them for their credit cards. By some error a charge appeared for a$192.00 purchased that was never made by us. We pointed it out and they agreed that a sales clerk punched in a wrong number and it was not our signature or zipcode and it would be taken care of within 60 days. They say they will send us a form to sign but they do not send it and lie that they did.We went to the store where the sale was made.

WE have never been to it before as it is across the city from us.The store operations officer is trying to help and they found the person that purchased the item and have now sent the bill to them.GEMB has still not taken it off of our account. This company is the *** of the world.


yes, i have had problems with ge money also. check out epinions, complaints board to see how many people have been taken advantage of.

As I said before these companies hide behind their it systems, no one seems to be accountable because you can't get anyone to talk to you much less tell you who they are.

A bit of research on the net will yield their corporate adresses... I hope someone will take it from there and show the sob's they won't get away with this for ever

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Arlington, Virginia