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Ge Money Bank - Class Action Law Suit TIME! GEMB = Crooks!

I have reviewed many of the responces and stories concerning everyone's experience with GEMB and they match my own for the most part. Lets get some things out of the table. GEMB are scoundrals, they are business scam artists and believe it or not, we have a case! I'm all for sueing GEMB, anyone interested in participating in a class action law suit contact me. Have your records, and stories ready. Also, be sure to do the few things I listed below: 1) GE Money Bank is headed by Mark Begor - . Email him 2) File complaints against them with the OTC: Office of Thrift Supervision Office of Consumer Programs 1700 G Street, NW Washington, DC 20552 1-800-842-6929 3) Go to Do a search on CareCredit, GEMB or GE Moneybank. You will notice they have a running scam. Use that as ammo against them! **Lets come together and seriously make an effort to sue GEMB and have justice!**
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This company is the worst I have ever seen and I have almost 50 years experience to look back on. I had been waiting for me bill to be posted so I could make my monthly payment.

Two days ago I looked and it wasn't there yet. I checked it today and it was there and the due day was yesterday! I better not get a late fee. This is just the straw that broke the camels back with me.

They raised my APR to 29.99% because of one late payment in the past.

I was fed up today and came up with the money to pay the whole balance on my account $12000. Never again with these crooks!!!


I have had a account with these guys since 2010 for a dental work it started at 1200.00 dollars . then before the first 4 months GE money said I was suppose to have paid off the account in the 4 month period or they would have to, add more charges to this account .

I got the mail from these guys after they had already added the new amount . I was not in the US. at that point and had never missed a payment.

then came the late charges when my payment was on time. these guys are nasty cooks.


I have a care credit which I have not paid in four months. Although I admit I did not pay the bill, GEmoney has been calling the home of my parents and giving them my personal account information.

Are they allowed to do this? Is that not a privacy issue. They also asked for my spouse. Im not married.

And they also told my father that I went to a doctor and used the care credit card.

I actually used it to buy two pairs of sunglasses. They have been harassing my parents and have been lying about my account history.


Gemb filed a lein on our real estate. Lawyer said it was same name but different ss#.

We had to file affadavit of idenity filed to sell the property. This can't be legal!


:( GEMB has me as deceased on 4 different accounts I paid off years ago. They have ruined my credit as I can't even get a loan or a credit card.

According to Equifax Credit Bureau I am deceased. Tenn. Consumer Affairs found out that it was G. E.

Money that did this to me. But they said they did all they can do. G.

e . Money said that they would delent their mistakes but never did!


I am just a few days late with my payment and already they are calling me multiple times a day, leaving no voicemail. Gee, cut me some slack!


I would be happy to join class action lawsuit. They are theives.

$35 per month late fee and 29.98% interest jump. I though Obama had declared this illegal. I owed less than 50 dollars and we moved and mail was not forwarded properly and they want me to pay over 250 in fees.

Man on phone said get out my contract and read the little bitty fine print that says I authorized them to charge me 35 per month late fee! I will pay the interest but nothing more and he said not to send the check he would notate it.


I have filed with BBC, Attorney General, spoke to someone to get small claims ready but am looking for class action suit. I have been taken advantage of, harrassed with use of deceptive practices.

I am filing with Federal Trade Commission next if possible. I have 100 pages of documents if you are indeed serious about this class action suit.


I would be more than happy to join in on a class action lawsuit against them. IMMEDIATELY.


They are doing this in every western state in the world.PS they also have hackers on these pages so beware.

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Ge Money Bank - About my bill

by law, you are not allowed to call me at work. your calling my business phone. i want it stoped. we both agree on 50.00 a month. why do you keep on calling me. i don`t owe you the other 50.00 until oct. 2 8 deborah easling acc.xxxxxxx xxxxx8305 i have never been treated like you people have treated me. it`s wrong, you have cause health problems. you don`t understand i can`t pay 251. i don`t have it i`m a widow, raising grand kids. what don`t you understand. i`m broke.
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Ge Money Bank - GE Money Are *** Artists!

I cannot express how devilishly gleeful I was to have found others who share the same horrible experience while dealing with GE Money Bank as I have. In short, I bought carpet for $2000, had to make payments to GE Bank, offer was 1 yr 0% interest. After the second month, they started charging 25% interest + financial charges that they NEVER told me they had began. So after year of paying well over the amount necessary to reach my $2000 mark, I asked for my balance and was shocked to hear them say my balance was $1990! I told them they were mistaken, had a very difficult time speaking with them because they are all SPANISH speakers and they sent me a copy of what they were doing and the simple breakdown was this. I send 200 bucks, they charge interest on that 200 (Simple math: 200*.25=$50 towards interest) + "random finance charge" (they call it a random finance charge, but it randomly comes EVERY month) of $42 + THEIR late processing of your check, which equates to a late charge that is rediculously $60. So what happened every month? My $200 dollars turned into $48 as payment towards $2000. Multiply that times 12, and you get one messed up situation, so much money is amassed that not even GE Bank can keep track of it! Do yourselves a favor and NEVER NEVER do business with GE Money and if there is ANYONE smart enough to begin a class action suit, count me in! I'd start one against them myself but....I'm not so wise. Name: GE Money Hater
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I am working on finding an attorney who can determine if there is a valid class action lawsuit against GE Money Bank and Care Credit. If you are interested in participating and are willing to provide documentation of your experience with GEMB, please email me at

I will keep you informed of any progress. April 12, 2009


If your issue is still pending - and it probably is you need to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision


They will not fix their errors to your account unless the Government makes them do it.

They know what they are doing is illegal and hope you do not know it.

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Ge Money Bank - Not honoring The Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act

I am deploying to Iraq and under the Soldiers and Sailors Act, I am entitled to an interest rate of 6.0% with no late fees, etc. I have called GE MoneyBank to find out where to mail in my orders. They have stalled, putting me on hold for hours at a time, given me the runaround, and they have even given me fictitious phone numbers to fax machines and one number to Consumer Credit Counseling. I'm fighting back by making online payments of $0.01 per day, a BillPay check for $0.01 per day, and writing my congressman. The memos on my checks include things like, "What would Ghandi do?" I just finished ordering copies of statements from the last six months. When they arrive, I will order them again. I encourage everyone to call and request that their rates be lowered. This will generate a letter denying your request. Do something!
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Ge Money Bank - GE MONEY was horrible, lied, harrased me! stole money from me!

Ge money Called me up to 10 times a day even after they said the problome was resolved they didnt speak any english.. whouldent answer my questions, accused ME of lieing. where so rude , this problome kept on going for MONTHS. 5 late fees and services chargers later i FINALLY think i got it taken care of... they hurt my credit, stole my money, hurt my feelings, streight up *** holes. i will never use GE MONEY FOR ANYTHING.. dont apply for chevron card!!! they also gave information to my husband WITHOUT hessitation!. this is ellegal. i had hold times of over an HOUR on each call.. i was laughed at.! SAY NO TO GE.
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GEMB refused to provide any debt validation or address any of the problems they created with my account - just sent an un-signed form letter directing me to the Collection Agency.

CA sent a bill only - CA only has a few more days then have to cease collections for failure to validate within 30 days of receiving my letter.

GEMB gets 90 days - but doubt they will respond either. they will not admit they are at fault.

I do have my case number with the Office of Thrift Supervision - they have 45 days. I send everything I get from both CA and GEMB to them for my file.


GEMB posted fraudulent charges to account in Jan 08.

Changed mailing address without knowledge or consent Jan 08.

Made no attempt to collect the debt themselves.

Aug 08 Charged off and sold to collection agency.

Verbally Collection Agency refers me to GEMB- GEMB refers to my to Collection Agency for debt validation

I have sent the written demands for Debt validation to both Collection Agency and GEMB.

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Ge Money Bank - Attempting to ruin my credit

GE Money Bank is purposely attempting to ruin my credit. I have been lied to by totaly incompetent people who love to tell me about their rights. Well now it's become about my rights as a consumer. I have tried for several months to resolve the issue. I have been assured that the issue was resolved I have a letter from ge apologizing which I was told was a useless form letter. I will continue to pursue other means to resolve the issue. which will result in very unfavorable publicity and legal issues for this company. They have stomped on the little guy once to often. John
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With the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision

While on the FTC website look at the Fair Credit Billing Act, Electronic Funds Transfer Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act - All Federal laws that GEMB violates regularly


hey kdjaioe,

You're the loooosssseeeerrrrrrr!!!!!! U little ***!


kdjaoie is probably one of those incompetent representatives in Bangalore


I'm with you John. It is obvious that kdjaioe has not dealt with GEMB. You are absolutely right that GEMB scams people by introducing 0% introductory finance charge for 12-48 months, but not disclosing important information about that promotion which is simply this: If you go over your time trial it will be *** for you, prepare to 1) pay REDICULOUSLY large interest rates 2) have late fees with EVERY payment, because they purposely process your check late 3) prepare to pay for an additional fee they like to call "random finance charge" 4) you won't be able to contact them because they ignore emails, snail mail and everyone in their costumer service speaks Hindu/Spanish or is a *** like kdjaioe!

If you know anything about a class action suit, or want to start one up with me, I am ready. It is about time GEMB gets what is coming to them, because while they step on you with their left foot, they have been stepping on me with their right!


alternative email:


loooooooooooooooooooooooooserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PAY YOUR BILLS AND START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY.. IM SURE U AINT SO LITTLE AFTER ALL!!

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Ge Money Bank - Pursued me 5 mo. for a bill i paid the date of purchase

i made a point of purchase @ sam's that included my current bill, having asked first asked if OK . i left store owing nothing but soon received bill. i verified with bank payment made and even confirmed with sam's. Phone calls and letters continued til mid september. sam's and ge$bank must not speak to each other. at every step, a runaround. what's my credit rating now? every time i talked to a rep, a different balance was given, though i have not spent a dime at sam's since. i'll use a check from now on.
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Ge Money Bank - Rip off artists fees and more fees

I wanted to purchase a new wall oven and was prepard to pay cash for the item, but was persuaded by the sales person to do the one year same as cash deffered interest, so I figured "hey what heck". I will pay these fools off before the interest kicked it. So I made my payments (large payments) every month and I was under the impression that everything was on the up and up, these guys are only interested in making money in late fees even when you are not late, they will charge you 39.00 even if you made two payments in one month, they will say that it does not matter that you made these payments, you have to make the payment on the date due. This was the silliest thing I had ever heard. The customer service department is in Pakistan or India or some place and they can't really do anything and are very skilled at doing just that. After many irrate phone calls something was done, there was no legal justification for what they did other than ripping off the customers for the express purpose of financial gain. My advice is if you see GE money Bank on anything, Run, Run like someone has put a gun to your head,, they are all about robbing you
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If you are still having problems resolving the issue with GEMB

File formal complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision.

Not posting payments when received before the due date is a violation of the Fair Credit Billing Act.

These federal laws are designed to protect us from predatory lenders like GEMB, but you have to report them to the Government to get anything done.

I have a dispute and sent a letter to them citing the federal laws that they have broken and it was completely ignored.

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I made 3 payments in one month to pay off my account. My statement showed no payment was due when it came in. I had a tragedy happen in my life that month and did not make a payment. I knew I had a 30.00 balance on my account and would pay it off the next month. I went to go make my payment and they had charged me a 28.00 late payment fee. I contacted the company and they say they do not allow pre- payments. Care Credit Card is not a bargin and I recommend for people to go without than to deal with these scam artist.
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logging on is a virtual pain, truly frustrating, finding the website is like finding a needle in a haystack.


:( GE Money's online payment process is the absolute pits! I am thorouly disguised with this company!!!

It's nothing but a hassle to try to make a payment online and/or on the phone and keep them honest.

They make it sound like they're doing you a favor by not charging a late fee when in fact, they should be paying me for all the trouble they cause.

There's absolutely no reason that you should have enter in all of the profile information every single time you log-in!!! It's ludicrous!!!


I have had nothing but success with GE Money. I charge all my dentist and vet bills with them.

I pay on time and have had no problems. I pay amount off before promotion due date and never have paid a late fee or interest.


I try to pay on line, this is the wrost site to pay I have ever seen. I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you would me at, REALY A CODE YOU TELL YOU HOW BAD YOUR SITE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I been trying to login to my acc.My computer had to be fix i lost all the information could you please send me the use name and password.


I paid 1 day after the due date due to scheduling of my pay periods, and they charged me $28. I also paid ahead of the due date once, and they charged me $28 for not paying by the due date.

Carolyn, the person DID pay the monthly charge, they prepaid, same as I did.

And they still charged a late fee. According to them (buried somewhere in the legalese), if you pay extra one month, it does not go towards the next payment, it *** from the end of the loan.


I have always paid my bills as soon as I receive them and have a great credit score. My APR went from 14% to 26.99%.

I still kept paying on time until one day I opened my bill and it had $477 in interest...

The worst card ever. I transfered my balance right away to discover.


I paid all my payments online on the due date listed on my bill. I did not find out until 2 years later, after interests rates of 29.99 were charged to, that they were recording all my payments late because even though I paid it online, they did not get the money until the next day from my bank.

The girl on the phone said I made no payments directly to GE online, I said "Oh yes I did, I have copies for my taxes for itemizing to show it." This company is crooked in my opinion.

DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH GE MONEY! I am complaining to my dentist and the main corporate office of the dental group that my dentist works for.


I made my payment online,before the due date call to make sure it was processed cause I had a previous exp with them where after receiving confirmation it was not posted and of course late fee was added, anyway the Rep say it was posted, only to receive a letter two weeks later saying my bill was not payed and again another late fee was added I called and told them they better take that late fee of right now, otherwise they will hear from y lawyers, I swear they are real crooks.


First, a comment to Amy B on Aug 21, 2011 - Some of us AMERICANS do pay our bill on time!! AND STILL GET SCREWED!!

In fact, I received my statment in the mail and paid it the same day and that was too early. When I told customer service that i received the bill and then paid, she told me, "oh, we're sorry but you can't pay the bill early." I told her it's not early because you sent me the statement first. Nope, that is considered early. So even when some Americans try to pay their bill, they are still charged a fee.

On another occasion when my bill is due on the 6th of the month, I paid it on the 7th YES I KNOW THAT WAS LATE AND I FULLY ADMIT IT AND FEEL THAT I SHOULD PAY THE LATE FEE!!!! I paid the amount due, plus the late fee, plus additional. I was charged an extra interest rate on the late fee. Almost twice the amount of the late fee.

Again I admit it was late but to be charged a higher interest rate on just the late fee! Really.

They really are crooks and I can't wait for the day I can pay that card off. :( :( :(

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Ge Money Bank - GE Moneybank. Tricked me to believe an escrow account was set up

I refinanced with GE Money Bank, believing that an escrow account would be set up after one monthly payment. They got the monthly payment and then sold my account to Litton Mortgage, where again I tried to set up an escrow account with one monthly payment, and within a month they sold my Loan to Saxon mortgage, who has refused to set up the escrow. Beware companies that are working together to screw their clients over... I am preparing to take legal action against all three lenders. Because it isn't right that I should be penalized for their dishonesty!
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Ge Money Bank Loan