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No statement for 11 months and then when I finally did receive a statement, they had added high interest and late fees and charge was almost double of original purchase!!!!I didn't even know who GE Money Bank was because Pearle Vision never told me that the bill would come from GE Money Bank.

Screwed up all the way around!!!!! I also received a letter from them saying my account was overdue!

I am waiting for a statement with the original amount I paid and until then, I won't pay anything.I will never do business with Pearl Vision again

Monetary Loss: $374.


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the same thing happen to me.i never receive a statement from ge money bank.a year latter,now i receive a notification from a colecting company asking for a payment for $127.original was some $20.

call ge,nobody knows,what happen?

or what can i do.the only thing is to pay so not to damage my credit which is excelent.

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