GE Money Bank screws up your address, credit and calls you for payments that have been made but charge you late payment fees when the payments are not late.

I got this credit card approved from my Dentist office since they overcharge on unnescessary services and the amount was way over what my insurance covered (Still unsure about this one). Anyway, the dental office got me approved and has been trumping up the charges to my GE Money Bank credit card. To this date, I am not sure how much was added to the account since I do not get bills from GE, only phone calls asking for payments. I am not kidding in telling you that I have at LEAST 5 cards from them with the same account number, all with the wrong address. When I got the first card (about 1 1/2 months after my dental office approval), it had the wrong address so I called and got some Bimbo on the line that let me know she would correct it. The next card I received had the same wrong address. I think it is only because I have been living at the same address for so long and I know my mailman very well, I got them both.

About 2 months later I received three more envelopes with three more credit cards again, with the wrong address and the same account number???

I would not recomment this Credit Card to ANYONE that values there credit and sanity.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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