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When ones claim they were forced into bankruptcy because of GEMB (GE Money Bank) tactics, your are only hurting yourself. There is no law that claims ones must file bankruptcy to avoid calls and letters.

Why would ones destroy their livilhood to give them the satisfaction thinking they won again. When you get a telephone call, just hang up, get a letter throw it away, if it is certified refuse to sign. When ones give into their ways of communciations other than exposure to a court-room they will continue with these scare tactics. Ones will say my credit is destroyed so-what!

Cash is king in any transaction, they're ways to obtain credit without letting GEMB stop you. Write a letter to be put in your credit file with Equifax, Experien and Trans Union explaining in a short detail of how GEMB has screwed you. Don't think your the first there are thousands of creditors who have had past experience with GEMB. Filing bankruptcy is saying you (GEMB) you win, I give up - Don't do that!

They cannot take your car, house, seize bank accounts or take anything without a court writ even if financed. They cannot send a tow truck without a writ order, if they do call the sheriff or police and get a report and make their representative sign it, ask police to stay to the end. Then if they want to take the vehicle let them, then file a suit if you think your right. By law they have ten (10) days to comply, if they do not then they are in contempt of an order.

The aftermath let the courts clerk take over your worries, they will comply are spend time behind bars until ones do. Do not be intimated by cronies like GE or anyone else who thinks they are above the law with their scare tactics - You have Rights too.

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I filed legal action just like I said in the post "Don't give GE the satisfaction". Verdict handed down against Defendant (GEMB,a.k.a CareCredit), full payment plus interest and court costs.

Their approach cost them (GEMB) $4,159.00. Folks resolve your issues with GEMB (GeMoneyBank and CareCredit) very simple - file suit.


Sorry, but what the *** are you talking about man?

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