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G E Money Bank is irresponsibly harassing people that have never done business with them...We have never used G E Money Bank, Yet they have been harassing us by calling our phone at least 4 times a day. They start calling about 8 A M and call as late as 7 P M They have called before but are now calling every day including Sundays...it is a recording and there is no way to contact them to let them know we are not the persons they want to talk to...I would NEVER have anything to do with this company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am having the same issues, since Jan of this year..I was shopping around to re-fi, chose someone in May but GE Finance keeps calling and calling, now somehow they have my cell and started calling it as of yesterday.

I even called the person (Matt) back and left a VERY LONG voicemail message telling him to quit calling, I did my re-fi back in May yet they don't stop calling me.

I am not sure how to stop them.I have never done business with them.


I have been getting calls from GE Finance since I was shopping for a re-fi home loan in Jan, I have called and left messages saying I refinanced already but they call me relentlessly at home, just today they called my cell and I am not sure how they even got my number.. Not sure what I can do.


Every 10 mins they call my phone with no message infact somehow they mess with my phone making it pick up like its been answered on my end resulting in an annoying busy signal. If i find out who is doing this i am going to beat them to one inch of thier life

Buffalo, New York, United States #934315

Caleld over 20 times to my work today.they are not looking for anyone but want MY NAME- i refused to give it because i had answered with my company's name.

i asked who he needed to speak to, and he said "you" i asked his name again and he gave me an obviously fake name (john cook) and i asked where he was calling from and it says "it doesn't matter" we went back and forth with me refusing to give my name, etc. i finally disconnected the call. He proceded to call back continually. i was on another call when he called back one of the times and a co worker got the call- he make a sexually innapropriate comment to her.

she hung up and let me know what happened.

(little side note. i got a call on my cell phone from this number but when i went to answer they hung up- so i called to see who was calling me but i got a voice mail and hung up on them the same way they did me-especially since i have nothing with GE capital bank)

He proceded to call another 20-something times and i just would pick up and hang up- or transfer him into a fake voicemail account.

finally my boss had to get involved and call them. it s huge call center (no doubt in india) so basically the only thing we could do was block the number (which we did, but had to do through IT) and if they should call again (which he did) and my Boss answered and the guy asked for me, Boss said "no she is not available" and proceded to say over and over "please remove us form your list....

guy called again while Blocking process was being put into place and was cussing at my boss and threatening his life.

Nice Reps you got there GE.I will NEVER EVER do business with you.

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Fresno, California, United States #747650

:( GE Capital is horrible!They are calling at 8:05 every morning, 2 to 3 times a day, EVERY day, and I can't make them understand that they have the WRONG number!!

No one lives here by that name! I have filed complaints with the Do Not Call registry, the FCC, the FTC, and just now with the Attorney General of my state. They generally hang up as soon as I start to say you have the wrong number so I cannot even ask them to take my number off. Rude people, Terrible company.

Every number I block they start the next day with a new number.

How awful are they to their clients when they are this miserable to a wrong number??I'm tired of being woken up by this crappy excuse for a company!!


if you keep pressing pound it will get you to a real person... however they dont do *** to help solve the issue

cant block the number because they just call from another line

Denver, Colorado, United States #616487

Call the number 8002927508, and when the robot asks you for numbers repeatedly say "no" or "I don't have one" and it will transfer you to someone who says can stop all of this *** when asked.


make it stop! :cry

West Liesenring, Pennsylvania, United States #446204

Since my phone was being connected (a call came in immediately) on 1/11/10, I have been called daily, weekly or monthly by this company.They attack you in spurts calling days in a row after they promise you they will stop.

I have repeatedly informed them that we are not associated w/their debtor, that this has been our # for over 2 years, but they continue to wake us in the AM, and ruin our weekends. We are being harrassed for something that has nothing to do with us, and I think the previous commenter is correct, they are trying to bully people into paying other folks' debts just to get free of their attacks. We found out that our nightmare is over an Old Navy bill that was "not very much" money!?!?! I sent a letter to the P.O.

Box in El Paso, TX (as instructed) and this continues. This morning I lost it, after being woken up for the second day in a row by them, and promised they would never call again and I finally screamed at the woman to leave us alone. She continued to speak over all my explanations and frustration. I will now waste my poor AG's time with a letter and phone call.

I would NEVER do business with this organization.

I will never buy G.E.appliances, I now loathe this company.


I told Ge last night to stop calling my house.They are looking for someone other than me but are trying to get me to pay the bill.

I told them I was going to turn them in to the state attorneys office here in Maryland. They called here eight times yesterday. They were wanting me to pay a bill for a Walmart credit card. I do not have a Walmart credit card and never have.

Well this morning they called again wanting me to pay for Pay Pal. I don't do Pay pal and told them this time I was turning them in. They said my name was common and that is why they were calling me. They are so full of ***.

Turn these *** in if they are bothering you for no reason.I am.

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