I made 3 payments in one month to pay off my account.My statement showed no payment was due when it came in.

I had a tragedy happen in my life that month and did not make a payment. I knew I had a 30.00 balance on my account and would pay it off the next month. I went to go make my payment and they had charged me a 28.00 late payment fee. I contacted the company and they say they do not allow pre- payments.

Care Credit Card is not a bargin and I recommend for people to go without than to deal with these scam artist.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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logging on is a virtual pain, truly frustrating, finding the website is like finding a needle in a haystack.


:( GE Money's online payment process is the absolute pits!I am thorouly disguised with this company!!!

It's nothing but a hassle to try to make a payment online and/or on the phone and keep them honest.

They make it sound like they're doing you a favor by not charging a late fee when in fact, they should be paying me for all the trouble they cause.

There's absolutely no reason that you should have enter in all of the profile information every single time you log-in!!!It's ludicrous!!!


I have had nothing but success with GE Money.I charge all my dentist and vet bills with them.

I pay on time and have had no problems.I pay amount off before promotion due date and never have paid a late fee or interest.


I try to pay on line, this is the wrost site to pay I have ever seen. I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you would me at dchansen63@q.com, REALY A CODE YOU TELL YOU HOW BAD YOUR SITE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I been trying to login to my acc.My computer had to be fix i lost all the information could you please send me the use name and password.


I paid 1 day after the due date due to scheduling of my pay periods, and they charged me $28.I also paid ahead of the due date once, and they charged me $28 for not paying by the due date.

Carolyn, the person DID pay the monthly charge, they prepaid, same as I did.

And they still charged a late fee.According to them (buried somewhere in the legalese), if you pay extra one month, it does not go towards the next payment, it *** from the end of the loan.


I have always paid my bills as soon as I receive them and have a great credit score.My APR went from 14% to 26.99%.

I still kept paying on time until one day I opened my bill and it had $477 in interest...

The worst card ever.I transfered my balance right away to discover.


I paid all my payments online on the due date listed on my bill.I did not find out until 2 years later, after interests rates of 29.99 were charged to, that they were recording all my payments late because even though I paid it online, they did not get the money until the next day from my bank.

The girl on the phone said I made no payments directly to GE online, I said "Oh yes I did, I have copies for my taxes for itemizing to show it." This company is crooked in my opinion.

DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH GE MONEY!I am complaining to my dentist and the main corporate office of the dental group that my dentist works for.


I made my payment online,before the due date call to make sure it was processed cause I had a previous exp with them where after receiving confirmation it was not posted and of course late fee was added, anyway the Rep say it was posted, only to receive a letter two weeks later saying my bill was not payed and again another late fee was added I called and told them they better take that late fee of right now, otherwise they will hear from y lawyers, I swear they are real crooks.


First, a comment to Amy B on Aug 21, 2011 - Some of us AMERICANS do pay our bill on time!!AND STILL GET SCREWED!!

In fact, I received my statment in the mail and paid it the same day and that was too early. When I told customer service that i received the bill and then paid, she told me, "oh, we're sorry but you can't pay the bill early." I told her it's not early because you sent me the statement first. Nope, that is considered early. So even when some Americans try to pay their bill, they are still charged a fee.

On another occasion when my bill is due on the 6th of the month, I paid it on the 7th YES I KNOW THAT WAS LATE AND I FULLY ADMIT IT AND FEEL THAT I SHOULD PAY THE LATE FEE!!!! I paid the amount due, plus the late fee, plus additional. I was charged an extra interest rate on the late fee. Almost twice the amount of the late fee.

Again I admit it was late but to be charged a higher interest rate on just the late fee! Really.

They really are crooks and I can't wait for the day I can pay that card off.:( :( :(

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