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Was offered an account at the vet's office in the middle of the night: emergency treatment for the dog. Had left my check book and major credit card at home in the rush of getting the animal to the hospital at 4AM before she died. I have an excellent credit rating so getting immediate approval was not a problem.

I charged the initial vet fee to the account in the middle of the night because that's what's necessary for the vets to treat the animal. And I paid the balance owed the next day with a personal check.

Before the GE Money credit card even came in the mail with the MANDATORY DISCLOSURE information federal law requires, the bill came. With a $35.00 charge for a late fee! When the bill came, I didn't even know what the interest rate was much less the late fee charges!

Without the MANDATORY DISCLOSURE information in compliance with federal law, the consumer has no idea what the charges for interest and penalities may be. Which is why companies offering credit have to DISCLOSE all of that to the consumer at the time credit is offered. No such information is available at the vet's office and none came BEFORE the first bill.

I have closed the account -- who wants to do business with a finance company which cannot comply with federal law? And before I closed it, I paid all of the actual charges for the one vet visit. But I didn't pay the initial late fee charged before the MANDATORY DISCLOSURE was provided to me.

And because I didn't pay the initial late fee -- and I called GE Money and told the rep why I wasn't paying that -- then another late fee was added to the first one!

GE Money reps are calling me now demanding the balance of what's charged on the account. And what's left on the account is $151.00. Which just happens to be the same amount as what's reported in the 2011 Totals Yeat-to-Date as "Total Fees Charged in 2011." In other words: the amount of the single purchase was paid, there were no interest charges and all that's left on the account are multiple late fees for refusing to pay late fees chaged without the MANDATORY DISCLOSURE.

An initial late fee charged in violation of federal law, followed by several more charged after the total of the purchases charged was paid is what's left on the account. And when the GE Money people call, they are vicious. Just vicious. Refuse to listen to what the consumer says even though they eventually are forced to agree that what the consumer says is what the law requires. Doesn't matter. And don't ask for a supervisor to get on the phone: from dealing with serveral reps, it sounds like there are no supervisors because one is never available or can't call back or can't come to the phone or is on lunch break. Ninety-six reasons are given why the consumer can't speak to a supervisor to sort out a problem.

I asked the last rep I spoke to on the phone whether the account had been reported to credit bureaus as delinquent or late. Rep refused to answer that question although she certainly knew the answer. Keeping information from the consumer does nothing positive to sort out problems. Just bad business.

Right now, I'm sending the whole mess about this account to the state concumer commission for investigation. And if I find out that there's a negative report from GE Money on my credit history for late payments after GE Money violated federal law, I'll send the matter on to federal banking authorities as well. It is absolutely a violation of federal law to impose interest charges or penalities of any kind in a consumer credit situation UNLESS and UNTIL the consumer is given the MANDATORY DISCLOSURE information which applies to any credit account.

My advice to anyone else: don't use GE Money or GE Capital Retail Bank or whatever they have changed the name to this week. It changes all the time and perhaps it has to be changed because there are so many public complaints!

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GE Capital Retail Money Bank has changed its name Three (3) times first name GE Capital, second name GE Capital Money Bank and the third change GE Capital Retail Money Bank.As you can see they always have the word "MONEY" in their name and they should really have "MONEY" in their name because that is all that matters to them!

You don't I don't and millions of people out there don't. They use all the tricks in the book plus make up their own! If you want to see just how BAD they are go and look at the documents that I have uploaded and you will see they have gotten totally out of control. The agencies state and federal can't even keep up with their "Crooked Tactics".

In fact they are so brazen they actually called Bank of America a lier even when showed the document of where they WIPED out my account without my permission! They lied to the District Attorney's Office in Santa Clara, CA! This is the way they make their BILLIONS! They have a lot of pull with someone high up to get away with what they are doing and have been doing for years to the consumers.

Someone's pockets are getting lined by this corrupt bank who makes money anyway they can and they don't care how they do it or who they squash on the way to continuing to make their "BILLIONS"! Go to "Crook-A-Titus" and "*** Titus" Disease and you will see ACTUAL documents with their BOLD FACE LIES! Heck "The Consumer Financial Protection Agency” which I refer to as “The Confused Financial Pissonyou...

This Screwed up Agency has been in business since 2011 and is DOING NOTHING to stop THE CORRUPTION they allow this bank to get away with! They see nothing wrong with this type of business practice. You can see this in the actual documents I have uploaded to this website. This agency “The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau” was founded in 2011 for “Reform on Wallstreet” well I guess the new reform on wallstreet was created so that banks like GE Capital Retail Money Bank that handles credit cards for “Wallmart”, JC Penny, Target, etc.

just go online and see just how many merchants let this bank *** and then go and look at how much they BRAG about making its “BILLIONS” at the consumers expense. Yes, Frank and Dodd which this agency was created for are real reform all right real reform! What a joke! Believe it or not your screwed along with all the rest of the consumers who get sucked into this EVIL bank and the EVIL government agencies that give them “CART BLAC” to make up their own rules, regulations, late fees, charging illegal amounts etc.!

They even change their late fee amounts from $25.00 and $35.00 to $15.95! They tell you to pay more then you owe and when you do they don't apply the whole amount, unbelievable really? So, we have to get it out there to let people know NOT to do business with businesses that associate with this “EVIL CORRUPT *** BANK”! This agency which has been in business since 2011 doesn't care how they do business!

This agency was created to help the consumer. Well, when you go and research who created it you will find that this agency is called “The Wall Street Reform Act” created by Frank and Dodd! Now do I need to tell you more! In fact ALL those documents that have been uploaded are A-OK with all the agencies The Office of the Comp Controller, The Department of Financial Institutions, The Federal Trade Commission, The Department of Justice etc., these agencies have turned over my complaints to these idiots at The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which by the way police themselves, now need I say more?

They are even more A-OK with “The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau”. Money talks if you don't have it your screwed! That is what “Corporate America” continues to achieve anyway they can and anyone they can bribe to continue to get away with it and believe me they do! The POWER is with the people the consumer.

If we can not use credit cards that this “EVIL BANK” is associated with then maybe we can win!

Hit them where it hurts and that is their “BILLIONS” or “MONEY” which they have kept in all their name changes.Which I'm positive that they have made illegally.

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Company refuses to send paper statement then calls when they don'yt get pd.They, of course, also add late fees.

On 9/28/12. They received my pymt for of 151 (late fee included) and on 10/23/12. They began once again harassing me concerning a late payment for this month when, again, I received no payment. i refuse to do anything over the phone or internet with them because I don't trust them.

Interestingly they state my balance due is 226.00 because they are charging me for OCT and NOV.!?I will look into FTC complaint to see if anything can be done about these shady business practices.


Very bad customer service> That is once you get someone on the phone.

Furniture purchase.salesman at Room Store quoted a payment of $29.00 monthly.When I got the bill fromm GE it was $51.00.

No one seems to be able to straighten it out for me.

Stiore blames GE.GE seems to have no answer.


I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your account. We'd like to help. Please email me at with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account

- Mailing address associated with the account

- Your contact phone number

- Reference code DM 110111_pcccCMG

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



GE Capital


In Jan.2011 I used this credit for my chiropractor.

I was paying it off way ahead of time. I sent all payments in as soon as I got them, (usually 3 weeks in advance). I mailed my second to last payment in as usually and guess what? They said they never recieved it and charged me $35 late fee.

I checked with the post office as I always go in to send out bills and they said that nothing was found. I also checked with the dead letter office and they found nothing either. The check was never cashed. Sounds fishey Huh?

The last payment I sent in online.They must be very evil people.

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