Clintwood, Virginia

They are driving us crazy with the never ending calls. They call when we are asleep and changing our credit card fees.

If I wanted it changed, I would call them back. I don't call them back because I don't want to deal with them. I do not want to change my fees. I want to be left alone.

Stop calling!!! They assume everyone has the same daytime hours that they have. Well guess what, we don't!! Please for the love of GOD stop calling.

Yes I said GOD!!! Did that offened you enough to stop calling me? What can I do to stop the calls?

Who can I talk to?

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Don't have anything to do with Synchrony Bank that is the new name they have now. This is the fourth name change for them.

They needed to get away from GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank & GE Capital Retail Bank. These all start with the letter "G" they needed to get as far away as possible from this letter but not from making "Illegal G's". You can see what companies do business with these crooks on one of the "Rebuttals" from a Loyal Employee this lists all the companies that do business with them.

In my opinion they are just as guilty for they allow it to continue. They do get a piece of the action.


How are they going to know to stop calling if you don't answer and tell them? This one is your fault for ducking their calls and expecting them to go away. Be an adult and actually handle your problems.

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