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G E Money Bank does not offer online bill pay. This is 2011! Are you serious? The world is operating on a computer these days. With every statement, you request an email address from me. Not once have you suggested that I pay online. It would be great to be able to pay bills on time along with the rest of the world rather than go back to 1955 when the only way to communicate was through Western Union, and pay more than 10% of my payment for a money order fee. Get with the modern age of technology.

When you have a solution, Please let me know.

Waiting for ONline bill pay

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You know why?They like to charge, tamper & deceive not only the customer but the United States Postal Inspector which is now investigating their activities & customers payments.

The DFI, The OCC, The Department of Justice, The Federal Trade Commission has turned documents over to The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which was started in 2011, I call them The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau. They don't investigate anything they actually sent my complaint about this same corporation to a company that was mentioned NO WHERE in my complaint. Just this last month June 2014 I sent in a complaint to them about them they sent me an email said they would contact the business & get back to me. What they are the ones I complained about?

What a waste of tax payers money!

What ever you do DO NOT have any dealings with SYNCHRONY BANK that is the new name that GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank & GE Capital Retail Bank have changed their name to. You should also not open any credit cards that use either of these several names yet the same bank they are just as guilty as this bank. You can go to Rip-Off Report #1140625 where you will see in the last rebuttal what stores & companies USE this corrupt corporation.

This is from an Employee at GE Money, GE Capital Retail Money Bank & GE Capital Retail Bank, which is now Synchrony Bank! If you would like to see a 3-minute video on You Tube just type in GE Capital Retail...

You can also do this on your cell phone there are no stops in the video when watched on your cell phone.

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GE Money used to work fine until they redesigned their website. I tried Firefox in Ubuntu and in Xp: get error when I login. But it worked when I used ie8 in Xp.

They need to fix it!


Agreed, they refuse to admit it, but the site is currently not usable with Firefox.They tried to insist that I make a phone payment for a 15 dollar fee, rather than admit coding issues.

If you're against IE for your browsing and need to make an online payment with GE, try Google's Chrome.It worked for me.


I wouldn't touch GE KNOWLINGLY with ten yardsticks touched together, nor would I want to be able to do so online.


I have Mozilla Firefox and I have been using GE Money online bill pay for 2 years on my account. They do have online bill pay.


To make an online payment you have to use Internet Explorer! The idiots at GE can't even tell you that when you try to log-in.

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