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I paid for a new motercycle with my ge-honda card and my rate was at 6% when I got the bill it was at 15% so I called and they told me it was the dealers prob not theres so we called the dealer and they said they only ran the card they did not set a limit so now I am fighting with them over the card. I am mad because they don't keep there end of the deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so now I have been pay'n 15% and I am sooooooooo not happy about it because my husbend is deployed and they will not talk to me like a normal human they prob.

think I am a *** girl that don't know what in the *** they r talking about and they want to walk all over me..

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If i could take it back i would of never got this *** card. if you are reading this DONT DO IT!

i can wait to pay off my quad so i dont have to deal with these people anymore!


South Nyack, New York, United States #46734

With the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision.

GEMB ignores valid complaints until they get the same complaint from you VIA THE OFFICE of THRIFT SUPERVISION.

They get away with this because no one is complaining to the Government agencies that are responsible.

Alliance, Ohio, United States #6791

Don't worry it is not just because your a girl. It is their tactic.

That is how they talk to me too. They rush you, confuse you, don't answer questions directly, or answer only part of your question. Half the time it is a person in India or Manilla talking to you.

You should contact your attorney general, the better business bureau (CC GE money in your emails to these places). Also call customer service and tell them you want copies of of all the paper work involved in your account.

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