One by one GE Money Bank has cancelled credit cards I had in good standing. Payments were never missed or overdue.

Balances were paid off each month. Why is this company allowed to do business? I want a list of all businesses with whom they are associated. How do I get such a list?

As far as I'm concerned the woman who runs this company is a real self-centered "w"itch. I refuse to do business with anyone who is connected with GE Money Bank. There should be a consumer advocate group complaint filed against them.

Where did they come from ? Don,t businesses have a another service to choose from or is GE $ Bank a monopoly?

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #678871

The same exact thing happened to me! Their reason was because they chose to make a "business decision because they didn't like the way I was using my cards", mind you EACH AND EVERY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN PAID ON TIME AND AS AGREED!

Who the *** does that?

I had 4 cards with GE all paid on time, and they review my account and tell me BS like that? I'm so upset that its crazy


The same thing happened to me .The closed my account and reported to the Credit agency that I was two months behind .I have bank statements showing I paid every month. Now I have to go through he hassle of proving them wrong to get it off my credit.

I don't understand how and why a company would punish good payers.

They have poor record keeping. I will have them paid off in two weeks and I can't wait to never see them again !!


GE money closed my account also which was in good standing...they suck!

Killingworth, Connecticut, United States #258242

Apparently GE Money Bank is in the business of going out of business. Why would they cancel accounts in good standing?

Sounds like you're not giving us the whole story. Run back home and tell mommy now.

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