GE money bank should be forced out of business they cut limits on my credits just above what i owe and i have never been late on these cards and they cancekled a care credit card the t we never used for 2000.00 we were saving for an emergency for my teeth and sure enough i had one and went to used it and it is canceled . of course you cannot get the chickens on the phone . so i will pay all the cards off any cancel them i wont give them a chance to do this to me again if everyone will do that it will hurt there sorry behinds

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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GE is the WORST company in the world to deal with. I paid off an account 3 times, NOW have a credit balance HAVE I seen a check NO, will the advise my CREDIT REPORT that I have a credit balance NO, but just miss a payment and they have reported YOU and you have no way of even speaking to a real PERSON to help. I will NEVER EVER do business with them.


You are not alone they are doing this to everyone and is not fair because it is hurting peoples credit

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