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I can't believe this company. The toll-free number listed on my statements says it can't be reached from my area. What the????? I have tried calling their main toll-free numbers listed on their site, but their automated system tells me that I don't have a valid account number. All I want to do is get my payoff information so I can write them a check for the entire balance and be done with this lame lender.

I got a loan from them for a motorcycle knowing it would be short-term and that I would pay it off early. Now they're not even making that possible. Probably because I'm paying usury interest rates on a collateralized loan. Silly me.

-Another unsatisfied customer

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Sacramento, California, United States #690539

GE Money Bank. Without a doubt the worst toll free number and customer service contact I have ever used.

Transferred 4 times no one was helpful at all.


Yes, I Know i posted in the Comments section of another persons Complaint, but like i said, it isn't going to do any good anyway, since I've already tried to get my account fixed many times over the course months, to no avail. I just wanted to type, and i didn't feel like making an account. so No, not ignorant, just don't give a *** to make an account for something that isn't going to resolve my issue with these thieving bastards.


I just want to rant like a child for a moment by saying *** YOU, to whoever allows ANYONE to charge 8 million percent interest for ANY reason. No one, and I repeat NO ONE should have the right do this.

Besides the guy coming to your home and breaking your legs, what is the difference between this and a loan shark???!!! Anyway, I know it won't do any good to complain about anyone specific like GEFUCKME, who seems to have their hands in every account i get involved in these days, lucky me. so, i'm just going to post this to make me feel a little better. and i do mean little.

My first account, through CarelessCredit, I called to inform them that this ONE TIME, the first time I have EVER been late paying ANYTHING in my entire life, I was going to be late by TWO *** DAYS!! First of all, people are right about the "customer service" number. It is a joke. No one ever answers, and there is no email address??

WTF. Anyway, so I called in and finally got through after calling for 10 days in a row (after this incident btw, i called for six months before i actually got to talk to someone, no joke) anyway, so i told them we had a blizzard and cars were literally snowed in for a week, and i wasn't going to be able to get my check to my bank to make my payment on time. the guy says no problem, your history with us is stellar, in fact, i've never seen such an amazing history. you'll Never guess what happened, late fees out the ***, and my interest rate soared to the point that my interest payment and minimum balance are pretty much the same, so i'm making about zero headway each month.

I *** hate them with a passion, but mostly i hate whoever gives them unlimited regulation to do whatever the *** they please to make money. *** you very much!


I'm sorry you're having issues with your account and I'd like to help. Please email your contact information an overview of your issue, as well as the last 5 digits of your account, to so we can research and assist.

Thank you,


GE Money

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