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My dentist talked me into getting this card..What a mistake...They have done nothing but harass me...They even told my husband the details of my account which is a violation of the FDCPA...When I asked the "collector" if she knew what FDCPA was, she had no idea...They need to be out of business...and get educated on debt collecting.....they are violating a lot of rules and we should stand together and make sure they don't get by with this....yeah, I'm pissed this could cause a divorce because of them giving my husband information.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I gotta agree with the previous commenter, you can't blame the dentist for something you signed up for. The card company, yes, but not the dentist. Its like you bought a edgestar wine cooler but you don't drink wine, and now you're mad about it.


Same thing happened to me about my JC Penney account. I threatened to sue JC Penney before they took me seriously


idon't think that she was saying that they ARE getting a divorce, but in some cases some of that stuff could be grounds for it. not just bad credit but other phone calls.

my doctors office called the other day and asked my mom to comfirm my appt.

yeah this is my mom but it could have been something she didn't need to know about. all because some DF copied my emergency contact number as my main contact number.

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I think the divorce would be best for your husband since he married a loser.

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your husband sounds like a ***.

dont blame the dentist because you signed up for something and didnt keep your end of the contract.

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