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I've got a GE Money card and all was well for the most. However taxes season came along and just as i did last year i allowed my family to put there taxes in my account.

Walmart states that they are able to get the money quick and this is what they were looking for. Well they blocked the card because they felt it was too many checks coming in. They ask me for document for which i provided, and everytime i call i hear something different. That's to go without saying that all thought they have the paper's, Im still dealing with a block card, for which they claim they need ten days to review.

It really *** me off to know that all thought there are some people that are not trying to steal or even get over, they just want to live.

Then i look down at how they allow all kinds of companies to get in and charge you over and over again. I really feel like a criminal right now.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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I am looking for others to file a class action lawsuit against Walmart for using my money every week for a couple days worth of interest or whatever else they do with it. Here's the problem.

Every week I add money from my PayPal account to my Moneycard via a bank transfer. It can take 3-5 days before I can use the money. PayPal transfers the money immediately. It is almost like giving the bank the money myself.

Then the Walmart GE Bank sits on that deposit for 3-5 days before I can use it. Why is this? They are ripping us off, that's why and we have to put our foot down!!!! Sometimes it even says it is on the card but I can't use it because the vendor says the card does NOT have funds in the bank.

They embarrass me all the time doing this.

I need people this is happening to also join me in a major class action suit against both the bank and Walmart. Please email me at


You should be filing this with your states attorney general...That is what I am advising people to do. Holding this money I believe is just a scam.

The fees are still being charged and they are making interest off all that money they have locked up. The fact is that if they are holding your money they should be paying you interest.




This happened to me on April 2, they decided to block my account for no apparent reason. I've had this 3 years and I've done taxes each year and have never had this problem.

They gave me the run around and finally after 3 months they finally tell me after 10 business days after 10 business day and so on and so on that it's fixed and they have decided to close my account and send my refund. This was on July 6, unfortunately it's July 25 and I still have not received my refund.

Once they unblock your card they give you online access to only find out they've charged you a monthly access fee to hold money that you didn't have access to. They also told me that my money was released on the 12th instead of the 6th like they first informed me and it would take 10 business days to receive my check in the mail.


i have nhad my card for 2 years and no trouble but now im discusted i am a tax perparer and had a block on my card i sent in papers proving this but they say wait 10 days well ok it has been 13 days and all they say is someone will be calling you i have mad clinets and bills to pay im starting to think that all they want to do is scam us out of our money and using these things as an axcuse i am talking to a lawyer and he is looking at a class action lawsuit for who is all a victem of this my email address is


I've had trouble free GE / WalMart prepaid Visa for 18 months. No problem until recently when I checked the account and found I had recently been charged for 15 transactions in 9 different states all to WalMart stores in locations I nor my husband have never been in.

The 1st customer service rep tried to tell me the stores were all in one location (NY). The supervisor told me how to file a report. The refund request was denied because they say I failed to keep the card and PIN secure.

They actually went a step further and said I had filed a false claim! Or at least that's what I understood the foreign accent to be saying.


I have the same problem. It's been 12 business days since they received the documents and no response. Every time I call I get someone in India that doesn't know anything and can't transfer you to someone who does.


We are waiting for a direct deposit and they have it and wont process it to the card. They say they put it on as soon as they get it, it is bull ***...


RCF Communications-

How would the people on this forum know you are who you say you are....if we were to email you and someone called back they would certainly request our acct. info over the phone in order to "help"... Personally, I think this is a scam to obtain acct info!

People beware about giving your acct. info to someone over the phone who calls you...there w/o proof that this person truly works for GE.


Have SAME exact problem! I asked the rep on the phone what takes 10 days - they have the documents I provided as requested...rep had no answer and refused to let me speak to a supervisor...she just hung up.


I had tried to purchase something online they didnt accept prepaid debit cards online. My money was still taken out for the purchase not only one time but 2 or 3 times.

I have never had a problem with the money card until now.

I have a trip I had been planning and due to the funds taking 3-5 days to be put back I will not be able to go. Im very upset and when my money gets put back on there I will surely be taking it out and never using the walmart money card again.


I work for GE and sorry to hear you are having a difficult time with the card. I would like to have a specialist reach out to you to see if we can help.

Please send your phone number to, but do not include or post your account number.


RCF Communications

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