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I decided to try depositing a monthly retirement check onto my Walmart Money Card. The money card promised no hassles no waiting.

Liars! They've lost my deposit and now I have to do all the leg work to find it! I have to find the transaction number so they can track the deposit! Which means I've been on the phone for the last hour talking to people who don't have one clue what what the transit number is, so they can track the account.

Which means that I am stuck with no money, until the retirement account can re-issue my funds. I'm stuck for at least ten days to two weeks and I'm mad as heck about it!

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Could u please get ahold of me asap so i can change infomation on my card i do not want anyone else to use it plz address this asap


Leann Justce


whatever happened?

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