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I was contacted by a Mr. Daniel Wilson that I was approved for a loan of $3,000 if I only would place a deposit of $150 on three(3) Wal-Mart Money Cards on Friday.

I proceeded to deposit $50 on each of the Wal-Mart Money Cards that were being asked of me. I provided all the necessary information that was asked of me. I was told that I would be contacted in 30 minutes of my providing the card numbers. I called again after about 45 minutes to confirm my loan.

I was informed by Mr. Wilson that I would be receiving a call and a text in about 20 minutes. I never heard back from him or anyone with the company about my loan. I continued to try to contact Mr.

Wilson with no contact made. I finally reached Mr. Wilson on Monday morning and was told that I needed to put up another $300 before I could get my loan. I advised Mr.

Wilson that I was asking to cancel my loan and would like my $150 deposit refunded. I was told by Mr. Wilson that I wasn't going to receive my refund unless I provided him with the other $300 he was asking for. I advised Mr.

Wilson that I wasn't asking for the loan and all I wanted was my money refunded. Mr. Wilson told me that I had no right to that money. As I was advising Mr.

Wilson that I was going to file a police report and also report him and his company to the Better Business Bureau. He told me that I could do whatever I wanted because he had all the proof he needed to show the police that I had applied for so many loans and was denied. I advised Mr. Wilson that it was not against the law to apply for loans and when I told him that I had every right to my refund, he hung up on me.

I called back and informed Mr. Wilson that it ws very rude for him to hang up on customers. He stated that he had every right to hang up on me since I had no right no raise my voice to him. I told him that I had every right as an upset customer to raise my voice, but not once did I ever curse as him.

I just received a phone call from Mr.

Wilson (time of call: 4:13 pm. CST) and he DEMANDED the $300 and I just hung up on him.

Review about: Ge Money Bank Loan.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I applied for loans on line and kept getting linked to others. Them when "GE Money" contacted me they informed me that I could get a loan for $2000 with a payment of $115 a month for 2 years.

I thought it was to good to be true. I asked them what was the interest on this loan and how much was I looking to be paying back at the end of the 2 years. He told me $2756!!! I still couldn't believe it.

I wanted some sort of documents so that I can read and verify what they were telling me. Still waiting. Then he said I had to either get a co-signer or co-guarantor and provide 6 mths of bank statements or a Repayment Capacity Verification Procedure, which is to verify that I have $200 on hand. I said I never heard such a thing and how was he going to verify this.

He said I would need to show it through one of the verification voucher which I will get it from nearest 7/11, Rite-Aid, Dollar General or Radio Shack. I asked if he wanted me to send him my money, he said no.

So I am still trying to figure out how is he going to verify my funds without seeing them and why do I have to do all of this just to get a freaken loan. Has anyone ever heard such a thing?


GE Capital Retail Money Bank has changed its name Three (3) times first name GE Capital, second name GE Capital Money Bank and the third change GE Capital Retail Money Bank. As you can see they always have the word "MONEY" in their name and they should really have "MONEY" in their name because that is all that matters to them!

You don't I don't and millions of people out there don't. They use all the tricks in the book plus make up their own! If you want to see just how BAD they are go and look at the documents that I have uploaded and you will see they have gotten totally out of control. The agencies state and federal can't even keep up with their "Crooked Tactics".

In fact they are so brazen they actually called Bank of America a lier even when showed the document of where they WIPED out my account without my permission! They lied to the District Attorney's Office in Santa Clara, CA! This is the way they make their BILLIONS! They have a lot of pull with someone high up to get away with what they are doing and have been doing for years to the consumers.

Someone's pockets are getting lined by this corrupt bank who makes money anyway they can and they don't care how they do it or who they squash on the way to continuing to make their "BILLIONS"! Go to "Crook-A-Titus" and "*** Titus" Disease and you will see ACTUAL documents with their BOLD FACE LIES! Heck "The Consumer Financial Protection Agency” which I refer to as “The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau” they actually sent one of my complaints on this crooked bank to another company! Which was mentioned NO WHERE IN MY COMPLAINT!

This Screwed up Agency has been in business since 2011 and is DOING NOTHING to stop THE CORRUPTION they allow this bank to get away with! They see nothing wrong with this type of business practice. You can see this in the actual documents I have uploaded to this website. This agency “The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau” was founded in 2011 for “Reform on Wallstreet” well I guess the new reform on wallstreet was created so that banks like GE Capital Retail Money Bank that handles credit cards for “Wallmart”, JC Penny, Target, etc.

just go online and see just how many merchants let this bank *** and then go and look at how much they BRAG about making its “BILLIONS” at the consumers expense. Yes, Frank and Dodd which this agency was created for are real reform all right real reform! What a joke! Believe it or not your screwed along with all the rest of the consumers who get sucked into this EVIL bank and the EVIL government agencies that give them “CART BLAC” to make up their own rules, regulations, late fees, charging illegal amounts etc.!

They even change their late fee amounts from $25.00 and $35.00 to $15.95! They tell you to pay more then you owe and when you do they don't apply the whole amount, unbelievable really? So, we have to get it out there to let people know NOT to do business with businesses that associate with this “EVIL CORRUPT *** BANK”! This agency which has been in business since 2011 doesn't care how they do business!

This agency was created to help the consumer. Well, when you go and research who created it you will find that this agency is called “The Wall Street Reform Act” created by Frank and Dodd! Now do I need to tell you more! In fact ALL those documents that have been uploaded are A-OK with all the agencies The Office of the Comp Controller, The Department of Financial Institutions, The Federal Trade Commission, The Department of Justice etc., these agencies have turned over my complaints to these idiots at The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which by the way police themselves, now need I say more?

They are even more A-OK with “The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau”. Money talks if you don't have it your screwed! That is what “Corporate America” continues to achieve anyway they can and anyone they can bribe to continue to get away with it and believe me they do! The POWER is with the people the consumer.

If we can not use credit cards that this “EVIL BANK” is associated with then maybe we can win!

Hit them where it hurts and that is their “BILLIONS” or “MONEY” which they have kept in all their name changes. Which I'm positive that they have made illegally.

Bath, New York, United States #604242

I too have fallen for this scam. Donna please let me know if your efforts to have money refunded have been successful.


Well, I wasn't the only one that fell for it. I've heard that others have been given the same line but as my local police department stated is that it's still considered theft because they are a company that stated they were legit and the money was guaranteed and they are using Wal-Mart as their accessory to the crime. The police, BBB and Attorney General have all been contacted about this and they guarantee that it will be resolved and the money refunded.


Gee, you fell for a scam! You lost that money. Next time, be more carefull.

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